Kelmus Multi-purpose Aluminum Mug

If you know the joy of traveling with lightweight and versatile tools, you will always choose such items for purchase and use. The Kelmus Multi-purpose Aluminum Mug is one of those tools that you should always have with you on every journey, even urban trips.By carrying this mug, you will free yourself from using disposable plastic cups, contributing to environmental conservation.Imagine having a tool that allows you to enjoy various hot and cold beverages, boil two eggs, cook a serving of rice for one person, simmer a fish fillet or a can of canned food, place a 110g gas canister inside, and most importantly, place it on a gas stove at home, a camping stove flame, or even directly on a campfire!

Well, congratulations, because you have chosen the most suitable tool for all these tasks.The reinforced aluminum material with a Hard Anodized coating, the extremely thin yet highly durable body, the non-heating metal handle, and the internal volume of approximately 445ml with a weight of only about 66g make this product one of your most valuable possessions for any outdoor, hiking, and travel adventure.

The product features reinforced aluminum material with a Hard Anodized coating, providing a lightweight yet highly durable body. Its metal handle remains cool to the touch, ensuring comfortable handling. With an approximate internal capacity of 445ml and weighing only around 66 grams, this product will become one of your most valuable assets during any outdoor, mountaineering, or travel adventure.

Product Specifications

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Weight: 66 grams

Capacity: 445 ml

Dimensions: Diameter 90mm, Height 70mm

Overall Diameter (Including handle): 125mm

Product Usage Video

Introducing the Product